The Futurecardiac rehab

Live Life Well

Our Aim, is to improve the health and self-efficacy of patients with exercise and that in turn, to reduce the number of hospital / Doctors visit’s and decrease the known risk factors involved in CHD and COPD. To provide comprehensive cover of the local area so that classes are available to all that want and need them.

Our Future is entwined within that of the NHS, with the need to reduce costs, it is vital that services that reduce the patient’s dependency on an overburdened system is to be welcomed. We are currently working with the Hospital Referral Pathway and would like to develop the same with GP Practices.

We are not looking for funding, but to continues to work with our current partners and build pathways between the patient, the General Practice (and everyone therein) and Heart & Soul Rehabilitation, within correct protocols, to allow exercise to be considered as part of a patients care package. For those that have responsibility for that patient to explore all avenues towards good health and for those with Long Term Conditions, to have a place where they will be understood, and with those, that see the world from the same perspective.