All About Lita Freegard Fitness

About Lita Freegard Fitness

Welcome to my website for my activities with all  that happens at Lita Freegard Fitness.Lita Headshot

You will be able to check out what I do in my life as a fitness consultant that involves  Pilates,  specialist and general group fitness sessions.

I do specialise in developing classes and systems  for anybody with chronic health conditions, cardiac rehabilitation, Pilates and Chair Active. Working with clients of this nature require a higher level of care than most when undertaking exercise.

I take this to another level infused with fun and focus.

I joined the Fitness Industry nearly 20 years ago and in that time have seen many changes, some, are great fun (Step, Zumba etc) and some are of great value ie: cardiac rehabilitation and COPD rehabilitation to those clients who would otherwise be excluded from general facilities, where specialist Instructors do not always exist.

I work in direct contact with the rehabilitation physiotherapist’s at Basildon CTC and Southend Hospital to assist develop additional services for clients with very low levels of activity & health.

I am also currently developing pathways in the community via the via clinical commissioning group’s, for GP’s, practice nurses & other health professionals to also refer into the classes. This in turn will lead to greater awareness of rehabilitation but will also be seen as a viable part of a patient’s care package.

I also deal with cancer rehabilitation & low back pain rehabilitation.

This is what I’ve done . .


  • BACPR Cardiac Rehabilitation Instructor (REP’s Level 4)
  • BLF COPD Rehabilitation Instructor (Rep’s Level 4)
  • Active IQ Low Back Pain Management (Rep’s Level 4)
  • Smoking Cessation (Level 2)
  • First Aider (with additional Defibrillator & Child/Baby Resus)
  • Also Level 3 Swimming Instructor (for fun)

My programs are also being developed overall so check back to see what’s what.

Thanks for visiting my website!

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