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Cardiac Rehabilitation

If you have had a cardiac incident and need help with your recovery. I can help

Pilates Classes

Use Pilates for postural correction, strength training and feeling good

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Lita Freegard Fitness specialises in rehabilitation classes, amongst others under the name of Heart & Soul, for those that have a long term chronic health conditions. We offer a service that allows individuals to be able to have somewhere to go and share with people in similar situations who understand how they feel.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs

COPD Rehab Classes

Pure Pilates Classes

Chair Fitness Programs

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Rehabilitation Program

When you are referred to us you can begin healing and prevention.

Chair Active Classes

When you are not able or ready to do standing activity. This is for you.

Cardiac Rehab Circuit Class

This class is designed if you have undergone a cardiac incident.

Pure Pilates

Discover how to create that much needed strength & mobility.

Need Rehabilitaion?
Need Help With Exercise?

We understand the benefits of an active body and mind an the focus required daily to ‘keep going’ when health is not perfect is a struggle but worth the effort. Within Heart & Soul, we are those Instructors that have taken the time to learn more about conditions that can be life limiting but also lifestyle restricting and we know, that with the right care, we can increase overall fitness and enhance the quality of daily life, if you can do up our own shoes laces, that’s independence.


Who can attend the classes?

Anyone can come along but it’s important that you check with me before so I can make sure that the session is suitable for you.

I have just had heart surgery, is this for me?

We have a variety of sessions that are tailored for anyone that has had a cardiac event. It’s important that we screen you and if need be check with your doctor to see if if what we do will aid your recovery.

What qualifications do you have?

I have a BACPR Cardiac RehabilitationInstructore certification  and a BLF COPD Rehabilitation instructor certification amongst many other . Please see the about page HERE for more information.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a slow and controlled system that is designed to stabilise and strengthen your core, increase mobility, creat greater flexibility through a series of controlled movements. Need more information CLICK HERE

I have restrictions in my joints, can I still take part?

Of course you can, it does depend on your condition of course but we do have Chair Pilates class, that will involve using chairs whilst exercising and doing movements. Anything is possible just contact me!

More Information

With an ageing population not always in good health it is important to get that population to take more responsibility for their own health and well-being, to encourage activity, health eating, weight control, moderate alcohol consumption and cutting smoking, to reduce the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and eventually heart attacks, strokes, COPD and the risk of falls.

Heart Disease or COPD Is A Key Component . . .
. . . in all of these risks and Heart & Soul Rehabilitation Classes are here to help those clients that have already (or at high risk of) had a diagnosis of Heart Disease of COPD. This is their opportunity to take control and create a positive active future.


“Lita is brilliant at getting the best out of us in class and for our recouperation.”

“After my heart attack I needed a way to get better and after a referral I am in a program that is changing my life for the better.”

“Lita’s Pilates classes are great for my core strength and my help with my mobility.”

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GP Referrals

If you want to get referred by your GP simply download the form and we'll welcome you.

Pilates Classes

Pilates is great for core strengthening and all round body balancing. We welcome you to find out more.

Find Your Balance, Rehab With Us, Exercise With Us, Create A New You.

We urge you no matter where you are in your life whether you need to recover, or you just want to feel good . You can do it with us. We will advise you on what the best way forward is for you.

Everything we do is safe and effective and we take care of all of our clients. Let us work together to get you feeling the best you ever can, It’s simple all you have to do is reach out to us and relax because you know you are in good hands.

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